Learning Activity – Applying for Jobs

Publish a résumé and covering email as if you were applying to work at a real company.

Ideally you would also provide a portfolio website, but this will be completed over the next couple of weeks, so don’t worry about that now.

Here it is



Learning Activity – Building a Mobile-Friendly Website

  1. Write a detailed brief. (You may use a real client or a fictional one.)
  2. Use the information from the brief to build a wireframe for the website.
  3. Choose a WordPress theme for the website.
  4. Customise the WordPress theme to fulfil the specific needs of the client.
  5. Make sure that the site works on both desktop and mobile devices. (It does not have to work perfectly, but I want to see that you have considered it.)
  6. Upload your brief, wireframe and website to your WordPress blog.


  1. Heidi Erthe is an independent interior designer. She does consultations regarding home interior, as well as office landscape. She does small jobs likse colour schemes and mood boards, and larger projects where she completly decorates your home.

    Her mission is to help people create their dream living environment, and help creating solutions that suits each indiviuals needs. By not working for one specific company, she is more flexible to recommend solutions from different suppliers, to create something unique.

    She hopes to develop her company so that it will be recognizeable and known. She wants to be able to provide her services to a larger market, and a larger part of Norway. She wants her company to grow into a sucssesful brand with multiple emplyees to be able to help a larger crowd.

    She is newly established and market herself as very flexible, and is creative and experienced in customizing solutions for each specific project. She has a great way of connecting to her clients, in which leads to repeated customers and great recommendations. She market herself by going to social events like design fairs, and she has her own website where she shows off her projects. She is also very active on social media to present what she does. She wants to be percieved as a professional, creative, reliable and approachable.

    Since she is providing services in the east of Norway, her main competitors are
    Din ineriør konsulent- interiør og dekoratør, located in Sarpsborg
    Interiør arkitekt Sigrid Aarønær MNIL, located in Moss,
    365 Design, located in Fredrikstad.

    Her target audience is well established people or buisnesses. People with highly paid jobs and a busy schedule in the age between 30-55. Mostly people that live in highly populated areas, and the bigger cities. People that don’t have the time or creative mind to come up with good solutions on their own.

    The website should serve as her portfolio, where she publish projects she is working on. The site should have a welcomepage with some information on what she does, like an introduction and contact information. It should also have a about her page to elaborate more, and the blog. The site should reflect her company. Therefore a simple design, with light colors and well balanced typefaces should be implemented. This is to highlight her images of her projects.





About me page


The blog



This is the adress to the wordpress site



Learning Activity – Building a Website From Start to Finish


  1. Write a detailed brief for your website.
  2. Create a wireframe according to the brief.
  3. Draw some sketches to plan your design.
  4. Build a working websites according to these specs.
  5. It’s important for me to see that you can follow through on the entire process – from the brief to the completed website. Please explain why you make certain decisions. How do these decisions fit in with the business strategy?

Upload your brief, wireframe, sketches and link to your website to your WordPress blog. There’s quite a lot to do for this assignment, so it’s advisable to keep your website simple.


  1. The website should serve as a portfolio for myself. It will be used to promote myself as a designer. It has to display the products in a neat way, and contain contact information. It should be easy to navigate through, and only contain the absolute needed material.

    The expression for the website should be modern and minimalistic. To achieve this, I want the page to have a lot of whitespace. There should be a simple color palette and typography suitable the expression. It might be black and white with a contrast color. I want the products/artwork to be on one page, so that you will have to scroll down through everything. I need a contact page so that potential clients can get in touch easily.


The first wireframe is the homepage. It contains a header,portfolio images, footer, and a link to the contact information.

wireframe la







This wireframe is the contactpage. It has the same header and footer. There is a portrait photography and an e-mail contact sheet.

wireframe la contact









This is the website adress

I used placeholder images for this assignment. This was to get the feeling of placement and design. I chose to keep the site in black and white because the Product photographs are coloreful.

Learning Activity – Coming Up With a Strategy

  1. Set up a meeting with a business owner and ask him/her what he/she would want from a website. Also ask him/her what the business strategy is and how the website would fit into it.
  2. Then write a detailed document about this.
  3. I would like you to use the information from this document and create a website architecture.
  4. Now let’s focus on the web design strategy. Your document should justify all the major decisions you make – from the domain registration, hosting, design and target audience through to what you decide in terms of programming.

Please upload your document and website architecture to your WordPress blog.


This is my strategy document

This is the website architecture



Learning Activity – Creating a Brief

I want you to take on a client. I then need you to have a meeting with your client and create a very detailed brief. This brief should contain all the information that will be needed to achieve the client’s requirements.

Your brief should cover these sections:

  • What is the client’s service/product?
  • What are their requirements?
  • What is the website’s goal?
  • How are you going to achieve this goal?
  • Build the website architecture (so we can see what sections will be needed)
  • What is the design style that will be required?
  • What are your suggestions for marketing the site?

The brief should be good enough to hand over to any design/programming team and get a great result.

The client.
Heidi Erthe – Interior Designer

She helps people create color schemes and mood boards, as well as interior planning and project management. Helping people create their dream living environment.

She needs a site that will represent her business and serve as an online portfolio, with information on what she does, previous projects and contact information. It should also include her blog, where she post information on the projects she is doing as well as tips and tricks to improve our home environment.

Websites goal.
The websites goal is to show potential clients how she works and the results she has achieved. It also serves as an advertisement of her business so it is important to have a strong brand identity. The website should attract clients by having a great and noticeable design and many photographs of previous projects. It should also make it easy to contact her.

How to achieve this goal.
The website should have a design that represent her as a designer. It needs to be easy to navigate with clear guides. The portfolio part must have high quality photographs that looks tasteful and creates an interest. There should not be many competing objects to distract from the main content. The contact information should include her phone number, office address and e-mail. As she has developed her own style and expression, this should be the main guides for the design. She usually adds a personal touch to her projects, and this should be present on the website. For the software I would think about using WordPress, using a tailored design and execution, it will cover the needs for the client. It will also be great for future updates and upkeep of the site in the future.

Website architecture.


Design style.
My client likes to work with black and gold alongside pastels. I would like to incorporate this into a minimalistic design, so that the focus will be on the content. Mainly light and pastel colors, but creating a contrast with the black and gold. The black and gold could be used as frames for menus, headings, icons or as page dividers. I would incorporate the contrast in typography from her logo. The mix of a decorative typeface and the sans-serif typeface color create an interesting effect on the site. I would also try to have as much whitespace as possible, so that the site would look airy and light. I created this style board to illustrate my vision.



Marketing the site.
Word to mouth, website, Facebook, social network. Networking, going to social events like design fairs. Using her already established social network accounts, and post links and information. I would suggest paying for placement on search engines, so people would see her company before researching others.





Learning Activity – Applying Philosophy to Design 2

Design a book cover for a thriller book called “The Fall of Imagination” by Sam Wan. This book does not exist and is open to your interpretation as to the subject matter.

  • It must be designed by clearly drawing inspiration from a previous design style.
  • The size of the cover must be A5 and it should include a front, spine and back.
  • The cover must contain a simple vector illustration that forms the basis of the design.
  • The cover must contain the title and the name of the author.

Publish your design as a PDF document.

My design is inspired by Pop Art.

la- applying philosophy to design